Commercial vehicle contract hire

We Do Rentals provide commercial vehicle contract hire. When hiring from us you can expect a comprehensive package, a great price and quality service. It is our goal to get you the best deal possible. Based in Smethwick, near Birmingham We Do Rentals offers a large selection of vehicles from popular reliable brands such as Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Our small vehicles are incredibly easy to load making them ideal for light transport jobs. They also possess more than enough room for domestic appliances, furniture and electric goods. So whether your moving house, taking part in a DIY venture or delivering parcels you can rely us to provide the right compact for the job.

Small commercial vehicles are available for both long-term and short-term hire both of which include breakdown cover and maintenance services. Insurance is available at an additional cost.

For more information on our services, contract packages, prices or special offers email us. Alternatively visit us at- Block 600, Office 629 Smethwick Enterprise Centre, Rolfe Street, Smethwick, B66 2AR.

Peugeot strikes the perfect balance between reliability, affordability and just looking dam good. These sleek, slick automobiles have an excellent reputation for offering high-performing durable vehicles. We offer the following small models -

When it comes to brand awareness ford is widely recognised. These automobiles are comfortable, reliable and cost effective. They also feature the latest technology everything is up-to-date from fuel-efficiency to the navigation system. The small Ford models we currently stock are -

For more information on specifications, prices and packages contact us one of our dealers - 0121 544 6583

Luxury, quality and elegance are just some of the words that’s sum up Mercedes automobiles, everything from the design to the performance just scream premium. You can expect to drive comfortably in a Mercedes. We offer the following small models –

Volkswagen has an automobile for every business, person, price and need. Unlike some other manufactures VW has a vehicle for each and every type of customer, whether you’re looking for an affordable deal or a luxury drive they have something for you. One thing you can always expect is a fuel efficient, quality and reliable vehicle.

For more information on our smaller models, services, prices or to simply get a quote contact our dealers us today!

For those who would rather discuss or services in person we are located in Smethwick, near Birmingham.